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June-Oct. 2021 


“I want to go open every single one of them [doors],” she said. “I’m just imagining each one as this place that’s filled with some amazing fantasy.”

-Todd Martens

February 2020 


"Lena Valentine and Ashley Busenlener, as Jo and Cassie were perhaps the most versatile of the bunch, and did an excellent job being pulled in every possible direction over the course of the hour." - Dan Waldkirch

March/April 2020 


"Birdie (Ashley Busenlener) was excellent at gradually ramping up the stakes after making it clear early on that something was off about Kids4Crooks." - Matthew Kennedy


"Ashley Busenlener has the emotional range to go very dark, as evidenced by a sudden change in emotions towards another character during my trip that became the most serious moment of the night. She played that moment exactly correctly." - Erik Blair

October 2019


"Give Up The Ghost is interactive theatre at its haunting best." - Steve Biodrowski

"once GUTG gets going it can be quite the romp." - Noah Nelson

"Give Up the Ghost is a beautiful love letter to what it means to be innately human, and makes audiences want to linger in the Underworld just a little longer." -  Lacey Pawlowicz

June/July 2019

Winner of the Encore! Producers Award at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe

ascend banner.jpg

"It creates one of the most enjoyable family friendly productions that I’ve seen so far in both Fringe and Los Angeles.” - Erik Blair

"Needless to say, this may be one of the most fun immersive shows I’ve attended."- Sarah Musnicky

"Ascend is worth a shot if you’re looking for an interactive thing to do with your friends that’s not quite an escape room nor a scavenger hunt, but contains elements of both." - Juliet Bennett Rylah

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